Home again

So, now I'm finally home again after a busy but fun christmas with my beloved family and friends in Skövde. I'm really tired now when we're finally back home, slept to 13.34 or so and I'm still not dressed. I'll tell you more aaabout my x-mas later on maybe, cuz I feel like making a large cup of green tea and then place myself in front of some Guitar Hero action. But first..clothes!

An early start...

So, here's an early start at my "music project". Just had to put this song here, it's a cover made by Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury -07. Diamonds are Forever.

I think this song is amazing, the lyrics might not suit me atm but they speak to so many other women. How Diamonds can be trusted, they wont leave you in the middle of the night and they wont lie to you. Alex Turner makes this song really pop and his voice makes it darker and more mysical in some way. So, what do you think?

(you might have noticed me writing in english, well the reason is that i don't have friends in sweden only, and i can't keep half of them out of my life, so therefore i'll from now try to write the most important parts in english, I hope you swes reading it can manage to understand, and if not it's always good to learn! :))