Free gift card!

Joined a site for free gift cards today, thought that I might as well since Im a poor student and anythiing that's free atm helps!

So help me please? :) Join and you might get some too!


Been outside all day. Got a bit of a tan actually, not much but some at least. Have been 17c or so today (warmer in the sun ofc). Nice!

I got Twitter yesterday, it's actually nice, took a while to decide if I wanted to get it or not but well, I did so. It's a nice place to just write short comments about what's going on and stuff, instead of writing 10000 words about it or if you're not feeling like writing loads it's a great way to express yourself. I'll still use my blog ofc! But for the things I've used it to before, so I won't update it every other hour (like I've ever done that..) but I'm updating Twitter whenever there's something going on that I want you to know. AND you can update Twitter from your phone (SMS, but it's not expensive, just like an ordinary sms), Great huh!? :)

last summer at h&m, valbo.