I'm on my way

Started packing some stuff today. 4 cups I got from Markus mum, 3 Martini glasses, 69 CDs, loads of books, candles and computer CD stuff. Feels strange but fun at the same time, I'm moving, and I'm moving quite far away in the middle of nowhere to a white castle. Yay. Saw pictures from the rooms yesterday they're pretty big, at least the ones IN the castle, the ones outside are smaller I think, but they're a bit more up to date. The ones in the castle looked like they hadn't been changed much since the 1920s when they renovated the castle. However the castle looks beautiful, but I'll stay away from the cellar since it's haunted and well..I don't know any of the spirits so they might want me to leave them alone. :p

Tomorrow I think I'm going to V-by to catch up with Sara. And I might buy some new colour for my hair, blonde perhaps (only for highlights then..). I like my hair the way it is now. Golden brown with big natural curls.

Anyway I'm lost in a song U2 play before thair concerts. Bat For Lashes - Daniel. I'll post a You Tube video with it later. But it's pure love. So beautiful.


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