This sickness..

I'm sooo tired of blogging atm. I mean, I've had this blog for 3 years. Can't expect me to write in it every day! And I still hate how works. And that they don't have a "remember me" feature. Would make it so much easier.

Anyway, I'm sick right now, have been for some days. Just a cold but still, anoyying, feel like a big walking slimeball.
So I missed school Thu and Wed, and only went this afternoon to finish of the magazine we're printing tomorrow. Now we have two months to finish the next one, which will feature my article about 2012. The reason we're giving it two months are that we're doing a large feature on Human Rights, so it'll require a bit more time.

When I woke up this morning it was soooo beautiful outside, frost everywhere, ice cold weather and a beautiful full moon on a bright pink sky. So great! Took some pictures later on as well, but it was sunny then. Still beautiful though. Looked kinda movie like. Even the swan lakes are frozen now! Wonder what the fish are doing... Should bring them some bread maybe.

I'm also on a Christmas present hunt now, got the gift for Markus and daddy done, and the one for my sister might be done soon, but I've go NO IDEA of what I should buy for my mom. I asked my sis if she had asked her, but the only answer she'd gotten was "Nice Kids". Omg. You can do better mom! Please! Don't make it so hard!! ;O

And we made gingerbread frosting today as well. Went ok, hope we'll sell them at the fair this Sat.

And Markus is watching Bert now hahaha, was 1000yrs since I watched that!

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Så säger min pappa "en snäll dotter". Mhm, takc för hjälpen... Skönt att du ändå är typ klar :-)

Fint ni har det där, vore dock ännu finare med typ en meter snö :-)

Gillar inte heller hur fungerar, men nu har jag ju en blogg där och haft så länge så jag vill inte byta...

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