True Blood

Started watching a new serie, True Blood. It's mainly about vampires, sex, god, murders and southern us. I like it, it's really diffrent, but it's a lot of sex in it. A bit to much. But it gives the serie an image of being a bit more rough around the edges, it's deff 18+.

It's about Sookie, a barmaid from a small town in Louisiana (i think), and her life, friends, job, and the social situation whith the newely exposed vampires in the world.  She falls in love with a mainstreaming vampire named Bill, and from there the mystic starts.

You can watch it on Canal + in Sweden I think!

Från S till I


1) Vad heter du? Isabella
2) Ett ord på fyra bokstäver: Inne
3) Flicknamn: Inga
4) Pojknamn: Isak
5) Yrke: Isskulptör
6) Färg: Indigo
7) Klädesplagg:
8) Mat: Isbitar
9) Sak i badrummet: Ibumetin
10) Plats/stad: Istabul
11) En orsak att vara sen: Ishalka
12) Något man skriker: Idiot
13) Film: In transit
14) Något man dricker: Iskall saft
15) Band: Interpol
16) Djur: Igelkott
17) Gatunamn: Ingemarsväg
18) Bil: I-bil
19) Sång: Is this it
20) Aktivitet med mer än en deltagare: Isdans

Svårt på I faktiskt :/ kan va att jag e trött med---DDE


Yesterday I woke up at 10.30 from my mon and dad's music. They played some swe-jazz rly loud and it kept me awake even if I tried to get back to sleep, I didn't feel well at all. My head hurt, my stomach hurt and >I felt hungry, still when I tried to eat breakfast I couldn't eat, had no apetite.

Oh and I have a new computer now! Finally! It's great and thanks to my dad for buying it to me <3
With the comp came anew keyboard tho, and I'm not used to it yest so mind the spelling mistakes and such. This one is flat, and the keys are a bit harder. I think I'll install my old one later but this'll have to do for now.

Yesterday Maggie came here at around 19.00, we just had a calm night, talked, watched Medlodifestivalen and one episode of Skins. Was rly nice, altho I think we both were rly tired and after she left my head started bombing me and I felt really tired, not in the normal tired way but the way you feel when a cold is getting to you...So I made some tea and talked to Magnus and Markus on msn for a while while I installed ITunes, JetAudio and other important stuff you need. Then I installed WoW and went to bed while it patched. Woke up around 11 today, surprisingly early for feeling sick, I rly wanted to sleep more but just can't. :(

Tonight we have to hold our breath during the Oscars! Lee is nominated for best Short Movie! (New Boy) However only the director was invited to the gala (Lee's the editor), but it's still fun! It's not his first chance for an Oscar but it's still big!

I'm gonna finish up the WoW installation now, It's soon done. :)