The Rhythm is the Rebel

I'm not feeling well right now.

Woke up 14.30 today..late..been cleaning, doing laundry and hung out at facebook for a while since. I felt like going outside today, but the weather is gray and cold today, depressing.

This weekend have been like the last ones, I've had nothing to do, been bored to death. And seems like it will be like that for a while now until I go to Skövde to see Becki, I miss her. We'll have a dinner, watch a theatre show and have fun I hope!

This week that comes I'll study, started the new course last week and got the book a few days ago. Mathematics B.
I'll also apply for the University courses I want to study this fall; Film music, Opera and Baroque, Music and Media or Music sciences. We'll see, but the my choices are in that order at least.

Anyhow, I'm BORED, I have nothing to do...ever. :(

Chelsea - Liverpool

Can I say more?

Liverpool-Chelsea – Ojojoj... då brakar det loss – igen – mellan Liverpool och Chelsea. De kan inte riktigt släppa greppet om varandra i ”jävla Champions”. Ni minns va?
De stötte på varandra i semifinalen 2005...
De stötte på varandra i semin 2007...
Och de stötte på varandra i semin 2008...
Liverpool har kravlat sig vidare två gånger, Chelsea en. Ett möte har avgjorts i förlängning, ett på straffar. Jag tror att det kommer att bli precis lika jämnt, tätt, tajt, snävt, trångt och stramt den här gången...
Chelsea går vidare, tack vare världens smartaste fotbollscoach, Guus Hiddink.
Tips: Chelsea vidare till semi.

I'm a Chelsea girl so I'm looking forward to this meeting. It's a classics, and I hope Chelsea will win ofc.
I want to see my blue boys win!

Lampard and Terry