Great song. Love Miley Cyrus! Silmpe but great lyrics.

For Sara

"Anyone ever noticed that "studying"
is "Student" and "Dying" put together?"

- Unknown

Good Luck ;)


Been outside all day today and yesterday, been ~25+ and sunny!! Yesterday I cleaned our deck, seemed like some birds had been fighting or something, was pretty ugly. Then I started cutting and clearing some bushes in our backyard. Took me several hours, my hair and clothes were full of branches after that, not fun. Today I cleared all the stuff that I left out yday. I also cleared loads of weeds that were growing under the bushes, dire. Bla bla..

I also have to fix my video camera, it's full and I have to edit the movies in it and get a new card for it so I can use it for midsummer.
I'm rly looking forward to midsummer with Markus and my family. Just have to figure out what cake I'm going to make, last year I made my famous Lemoncurd Raspberry meringue pie. I'm thinking of making it again, but it takes forever and it's hard to get the meringue perfect.  But it sure is delicious.

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