Hearing Damage

Went to see New Moon yesterday as planned. The movie was great and I loved the music in it, didn't want the songs to end. My favorite scene was when the wolves chased Victoria, the vampire who's after Bella. Charlie (Bella's father) is hunting the "bear" in the woods when you see Victoria in the background up in a tree, she's going for Charlie's friend but the wolves find her and the chase begins. The forest is beautiful, emerald green, primeval forest sort of. With springs and mountains etc. and they're running through it to the best song in the movie, Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

Anyway, the movie was great, the only annoying part was that some girls went "oooh" and "*giggle*" when the guys in the movie took of their shirts...

What to write

I've got no idea what to write today, I'm just really bored. Me an Markus are doing the laundry today...That's about it. Dunno what we'll have for dinner. Meatballs maybe, I'm not really hungry. Making some tea now instead. I'm just tired all the time.


Gonna study some later, I'm making a Power Point presentation about South Africa and why English is a big part of their language. I'm doing it all alone, but most people work in groups of 4-5. But I like working alone so it doesn't matter, it's not like it's hard. We have 2 more weeks of focused work now with the media design part. Think we're learning about color combinations or something now.


Anyway the picture above shows Durban in South Africa, been there once and stayed in the only orange building there is in the photo. Liked that hotel, the rooms were gigantic with gigantic windows as well, and great food of course. And I Love the water there, just a bit scary with sharks and all but they have guards and It's probably more common to die from a robbery there than a shark...


I'd love to go back to South Africa, it's one of the best trips I've ever made, even though the guys were smoking weed all the time and we were with them when they did and the teacher came... At least it smelled better than cigarettes but I dislike most things that hurt your body, except for sugar. But who doesn't like sugar?!


Had another strange dream today, only remember a short bit but we were at a beach (me and some ppl I don't know), and I got tired of it and went home. Then it kinda jumped between me and the people I were with, so when I was walking through a forest the waves got bigger on the beach and they soon realized that a tsunamis was happening so people panicked and tried to hold on to the trees and stuff. And The beach was like 5m below the road above (like a wall surrounding it) so people tried to get up the stairs but they couldn't since it was too strong. I didn't see any people die though, just when it jumped back to me in the dream I heard that like 100 ppl died in our town. And then I woke up!  I always have strange drams...


Wow...I ended up writing a lot anyway. No, I'm making tea now. Bye.




Solid Air


"You've been getting too deep,
You've been living on solid air
You've been missing your sleep
And you've been moving through solid air
I don't know what's going on in your mind
But I know you don't like what you find
When you're moving through solid air"