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Went to a theater last night with school. It was about seven women from all over the world who all had had a hard life in some way, and tried to change the world for women i the world. They were from Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Russia, Namibia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Cambodia. It was interesting and touching, but I didn't like that swedish actors portrait them, I'd rather have had the real women there talking.

Anyway, It's still snowing outside, been snowing for 2 days now. It's too warm for it to stay on the ground, just some parts where it's white. But it's kinda nice anyway.

Going to take a walk down to town later on, just gotta ask some friends if they'll tag along. Boring to go alone and I'm not expecting Markus to come with me.

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Gillar inte Markus heller att promenera?

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