Tired and Snow

I'm not gonna write much now, since it's 1 already. Juset wanted to say that IT WAS THE FIRST SNOW TODAY! Already!!!! 2 weeks early! Oh well it lasted foe 30 min only but still.


Looks like rain but still!

I'm in love!

With two pair of shoes. I'm not usually that interested in shoes, but now I've found two pairs that I like, and I bought one pair of them.

I bought the ones to the right, since I could actually afford them (298kr), but the other pair costs around 8000kr so I'll have to wait a while to be able to buy them, If I even buy them. :p A bit expencive for a pair of shoes don't you think?

Sunday Nights

Spent most of the evening playing in front of the computer. I'm obsessed with looklet at the moment.


You can find all my creations there.
It's nice to have a place to be creative without having to spend any money.!

Anyway, for 3 weeks now we'll focus on layout+photos+texts that we've been preparing for a while now. We're making a magazine and we're making a reportage each. I'm writing about 2012 in a "National Geographic" way.
It's gonna be quite directed at the "world apocalypse" thing, but only because I wanna see how many people that believes in it or at least make people question it.