So I had my first day at Uni yesterday. It went fine, but I thought the registration would consist of more than telling a lady your name and buying some articles, which took about 3 min... So I had to go home again since the lecture didn't start until 13.15 (the registration started at 10...).

Back home I ate some, sorted my CDs and books. Put them on the shelves etc. Then I had to go again. Sigh. And now it had started to rain as well, and I don't have a jacket for that. My hair and clothes were soaked when I arrived ad Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (Concert and Congress). So was my shoes, as I ran my bike through a deep pool of water, which didn't look deep at all. Brr. The building was kinda cool though.


It looks as it should be 10 floors, but its just 3! The escalators are extremely long, but it was really airy and nice in there. The lecture was interesting and I can understand the book I'm reading a lot better now.


When the lecture was over the sun was shining again so I went back home quite dry. Just stopped by the grocery store to buy some food.


Spent the night reading, playing WoW and relaxing.

Today we have a lecture from 15-17. So I'm leaving soon. Just gonna pack my stuff and get ready. We're in the University Building today.

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Sthlms universitet måste ha jordens fulaste lokaler. En klar nackdel med att gå där!

Trist med vädret. Hade kunnat berätta hur en registrering brukar gå till, men risken är ju alltid att du kommer samtidigt som 30 andra, och då är det lång kö. 30x3 min blir ju en stund iaf :-P

Kul att du verkar börjat ha komma in i plugget. Hoppas allting går bra där uppe. Ska bli kul att få komma och våldgästa dig framöver!


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