My blog is deadness. Sorry but I'm just never in the mood of writing anything.

I'll try to give you (doubt many ppl will read this tho :P) an update on where I stand atm.

I spent the beginning of the summer in Stockholm, with my parents and Markus of course. But a week or so before midsummer me and Markus went to Gävle, his hometown. Since his mother moved to a smaller apartment when we moved to Tidaholm we had to sleep in the kitchen, but it went fine. Molle, their crazy cat was sooo happy about Markus being home, kept stalking him and screaming for him all the time. Such a gay cat. He's mine!! FO! ;p Oh well, Molle is kinda suicidal as well. The new apartment is on the 4th floor, yet still he tries to jump out the windows or the balcony, so they have to keep them closed all the time or watch them. Once Madeleine, Markus' sister, forgot to close her door and had the balcpny door open, so Molle disappeared. They found him some hours later in the backyard. HOW????? 

Anyway, we spent midsummer with Markus' grandmother and her husband in Lingbo. We had a great time with lovely food and games!

We went fishing but had no luck.


Back in Gävle we then moved to his grandmother's apartment in Forsbacka, a tiny town outside Gävle. We stayed there until mid July or so, then went back to Gävle for a few days. The weather was extremely hot at the time. +30c every day and not below +20c for weeks, even during nights. So we kept cool with plenty of showers and cool drinks.

Almost forgot to mention the Rock Festival they had i Gävle when we were there. Me didn't watch it but the last night we walked there and listened to Slash performing some epic songs (like Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City etc.), we did almost get eaten by some raging mosquitoes.


After Gävle I went back to Stockholm, waiting for the answer to my Uni apps. Took forever and I was so nervous and worried. Then I finally got the first answer; Accepted to Gävla Högskola and reserve to my two priorities..great. Well I was 2nd reserve in Uppsala and 14th in Gothenburg so I ought to get in to one of them. But it would take another 2-3 weeks before I got to know the answer to that.

Now I just spent time at home in Stockholm. Looking for apartments in both cities. Not fun. Oh well, I had a lovely dinner with Sara and J, we played a game and ate loads of ice cream. I had a lovely mother/daughter day in Stockholm City with my mom, shopping and drinking afternoon tea at Chaikhana. I mowed the lawn several times and went to bed in the mornings.

Then after several nightmares I finally got accepted to Uppsala and Peace and Conflict Studies A. Wooo!

The University Main Building

The Peace and Conflict Institute

Then the hunt for somewhere to live really started now. Looked at blocket,, the official student housing sites etc. No luck.
Then after searching hemnet for a week or so we decided to go look at some apartments in Uppsala. We went to about 10 apartments, found about 4 we really liked. Then the bidding started and it was crazy. We got one of them at last however.
So now I'm moving to Uppsala! :)

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