This week felt really short. I still think it's Wednesday today, but it's in fact already ending. Friday tomorrow. We're working on a movie about Jesus, Hitler, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson enjoying their last supper in heaven and talking about their lives. The odd part though is that we're making it in Second Life, using animated characters, this is called Machinima. Gonna be though but hopefully great in the end.
So today we created our characters online, I'm Marilyn Monroe. We also looked for locations to shoot the movie at. Marilyn is supposed to walk the Walk of Fame. Found a decent replica of it.

Woke up 8.40 today, so rushed to school but didn't miss much. I have a cold so it's harder to wake up properly when the alarm goes off. Yesterday was so annoying. It was tickeling in my nose (like when you're going to sneeze) all day long! So my eye were tear filled and my nose just kept rinning..  I went to a studies group after school though, they're discussing sex and relations in general, and yesterday we discussed male/female what's what?, cheating and such. Was interesting and fun.

Stayed in school until approx 16.00 then played ping pong for an hour or so with Markus, Ermuun and Emma. Me and Emma lost all the time....
Then we ate dinner, potato soup, then, at 18.30, we went to the gym for 1½ hr. Or well not Markus, he stayed at his computer.

Now I'm gonna relax and probably finish reading All Quiet On the Western Front, have 40 pages left or so.

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Duktigt tränat :-)

Er film verkar rolig att göra, hoppas resultatet blir bra. Vad ska den handla om?

Jag fattar inte heller att det redan är fredag imorgon. Vem har stulit en av veckans dagar denna vecka? Jag hänger inte med!


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Haha låter sjukt kul. Kan ni inte lägga upp den på youtube sedan så jag får se? :-) Hitler är mean. Trodde faktiskt jesus skulle offra sig för människornas skull :-P

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