Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Haven't updated in a while since I've been at my parents during the holidays. But now I'm back in winter wonderland. It's 1m snow here (40 inches), it's reaching up to our windows! And we can't open the door to the balcony since there's so much snow!

I got back yesterday, took the 13.15 train from Stockholm to Skövde, 1 class! (it was cheaper than a normal ticket lol) And got some food on the train as well (Salmon with rattatuille and mashed potatoes and carrots etc) so the trip went fast and smooth. In Skövde my cousin Madeleine picked me up (<3), we stayed at my grandmother's place for a while, talking and picking up some things.  Then she drove me to Tidaholm and Helliden so I spent the night alone in this castle, wasn't scary even though I know that there's some ghosts here ;) then today Markus came around 15.00, so I'm not alone anymore, and I've seen some other people from the 3rd floor as well!

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