Pictures from now

Hello. Here are some pictures from now. Bye.

Molle, Markus' cat. <3

Unexpected snowfall in April!

Unexpected clear sky!

Best snack, is however too expensive.


I love our sunsets.

Love them, sometimes they're pink, sometimes red or bright yellow.

Hela skogen full av vitsippor.

More wood anemones.

Walking in the rain.

Spooky Helliden.

Wraps with avocado, salad, curry sauce and quorn. Yum.

A new dress for my sister's graduation and midsummer.

Another sunset, through a curtain.

Almost every night there's a thick fog around the castle. The camera likes to remove it as much as it can though, but you can't even see that house sometimes (like this morning).

That's all.

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vilken underbar klänning!

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