I'm eating mashed potatoes (the one you mix powder with water..) and ketchup to breakfast. Yum. Not. But I had no breakfast food whatsoever at home. It all went bad last week when I had no appetite and ate cold meatballs whenever I got hungry. Oh and yesterday I had ice cream to breakfast. Kinda sucks not having an appetite for anything else since ice cream isn't very healthy and it's not keeping u full for very long. I did get some of my appetite back yesterday tho, so I had some chicken and fries. I'm gonna go to the store soon as well so I can get some yogurt and some dinner...

This is what I bought a month ago, before my birthday and before Markus came here. From the top left: Pucko (chocolate milk), MayoKetchup (first time I tried it, and I didn't like it much), Diet Coke, Caviar, Juice, Actimel yogurt, Steakhouse fries, Broccoli, Oreos, Almondy cake, Beet roots and "Smart&Tasty" bread. :p

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