Måste bara påpeka att jag hittat en extrem jobbig mening i min konflikt analys beskrivning.

"Med konfliktbeteende avses sådant beteende som är avsett att beröva den som det riktar sig mot njågon form av värde i syfte att uppnå ens egna mål eller att få den andra parten att överge eller modifiera sina mål."

Kommatecken och punkt säljes.


I should really study, but I just don't have any inspiration. I know what to write about, I just can't write it. I even went out for a walk in the rain, but it didn't help. I'm still tired with blisters now as well.

It's like..I have the laptop on the table and I write a sentance, then I get stuck and do something else, then I try again and get stuck again. :( Help.

Part 2

So the second secret was that following the interview for looklet their fashion manager emailed me and asked if I wanted to be in an article SvD wrote about them. Well of course I said yes, why not! So I got interviewed there as well and two days ago a photographer came here to Uppsala and took a bunch of pictures of me. Was a fun experience, but I'm not sure I like the photo they chose the most. When you sit down you tend to look kind of squared. :P We took photos everywhere! When I was in front od a laptop in bed, posting standing in front of curtains, the door in the pic below, outside by a wall, on a hill etc! But it was fun, just odd!

I'm actually wearing an oversize shirt, I'm not that wide lol.

The tiny thing she put in the article! :P

And the full spread.