Writing analyzes now. Going ok, just a slight lack of motivation atm.
It's boring living alone. No one to talk to, no one to discuss things with, no one who can make you dinner when you have no inspiration. I miss Markus and I miss my family. I'm gonna try convince my dad to come up here this weekend to help me with the analyze tho. Would be nice to discuss it with someone who's familiar with the subject at least.

I'm gonna go to ICA soon tho, just got out of the shower so need to let my hair dry off some before since it's cold outside this week... I miss 14-17c weather now when it's 0-7c all day. Gonna get colder. The northern parts got snow already.

Aaaanyway. I'm off. Bai.

P.s. You'll prolly get to know what I've been so secret about this Saturday!
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Prolly? I am indeed! Don't you dare not to tell me... What is it?

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