Another Week


That's kinda how I feel today. We had two lectures today as well. 10.15-15.00 At the end my head just started to fuzz out and I couldn't concentrate on much she said.

Started reading the second book now, Social Conflict. It's way better than the first book. More focused and written more clearly.

I'm too tired to even try to write something here. Just keeps coming out wrong or the spelling is awful. Gonna listen to some music and just RELAX for an hour or two. I have to go to the shop, but since it's raining i cba yet. Was pouring down on my way home. My hair is still damp. Brr.

Hm. I feel like it's time for WoW Cataclysm BETA and something got to drink.
Luckily the store closes at 10PM. :)

New underwater areas in Cataclysm

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