Long day

Just got home from a long day. We had double lectures today. First one about Darfur then one about the UCDP (Uppsala Conflict Data Program). Learned a lot but I got a bit tired at the end, even if I did drink some coffee before the second lecture started. (I don't even like coffee...)
Went to the Student bookshop after last lecture, bought some paper and a new pen. Now I just wanna relax. I'm so tired and stressed, got our first seminar this Thursday at 11AM. Need to prepare for it, but I'm just not in the mood. Meh. Just feel like watching tv and texting to people.

Swedish Idol starts tonight. Gonna watch that and just take it easy and study some while I feel like it. It's actually kinda nice to study in bed so I usually do that before I go to sleep.

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Jag har lagt boken "svensk fastighetsrättshistoria" bredvid sängen och läser några sidor varje kväll innan jag somnar. Kommer aldrig ta mig igenom den annars :-p

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Haha nej jag kan inte heller bara läsa några sidor om dagen. Jag menade att just den boken kommer jag inte ta mig igenom om jag inte lägger den vid sängen. Sedan läser jag många många sidor varje dag innan läggdags, men det är ju en helt annan sak :-P

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