Seminar done!

Just got home, went fine! I like our group, we're all serious about what we're doing.

When I went outside to the bike today I heard this helicopter circling around the city. Had no idea why. And when I arrived at the institution there were 5 police cars outside and the way to the city center was cordoned off. Thought it was some kind of robbery or something like that going on. But no, it was due to the Swedish Democrats giving their public speech in Uppsala. Sick. They even searched peoples bags and stuff if you wanted to pass on through. There have been so many riots the last few days, with people throwing firecrackers and eggs at them. Jeez, just let them give their speech. This is a democracy. If you don't like them, just ignore them. But I guess that this happens in a country where it's ok to be a communist and left-wing activist, but where you're a racist if you wanna raise a discussion around the number of immigrants a country accepts.

I also have question. Anyone who wanna share some recipes? I've been eating spaghetti for the last week and I'm getting kinda tired of it. :P So I need some ideas for food that's not too expensive, easy to cook and tastes good.

I also had the idea of each time I write something I'll share one thing I've learned in the last days. It's good for me to remember what I've been studying, but also fun for you to learn more how conflicts and conflict resolution work.

Info of the day:

There are 4 common ways parties handle conflict.

Avoiding - you stay passive, ignore the other party
Yielding - you settle for less then you originally wanted
Contending - don't care for others interests, only your win
Problem Solving - you try to negotiate so both parties have max gain from it

e.g. If A attacks B in a contending way and B avoids, A usually win and gain what they first wanted
or if A and B don't communicate due to mistrust they might want different things than they first thought (eg A want land, B more freedom) they can settle with problem solving.

1 Melinda:


Nice that you've got a blog! =) I didn't know that, I just got in here because I saw the link on facebook, so I felt like I needed to check it out =) I don't usually read these things tho^^

But I do agree with you according to what you said about the Swedish Democrats, I was one of the lucky ones that got my bag researched by the police =) I feel sooo special that they thought I looked like someone who could start a riot or something, haha.

Do you also live alone? I've got some good tips for you! If you buy like cheap potatoes, spagetti, meat or fish or whatever. And then you do like a sallad, maybe a pasta/chicken sallad the first day, but you do a lot of it, so that you've got leftover for like two more days. Then the second day, you just either frie it (don't put the vegetables in the sallad when you collect you're leftovers) or you just add something more to it. You can frie eggs or something. And then the third day, you can do some kinda stew of it all =)It's a good way of mking it easy for yourself, you don't really have to cook something new every single day, and you still eat healty and you can decide what you want to do to get a vary of your meals.

2 Sara:


säger jag då!

3 Bella:


Melinda du lämna ju ingen länk! :(

Haha yes that's kinda what i refered to when I wrote about the bags! It sux so bad that people have to react that way against them, instead of screaming stuff at them, listen to them and then discuss whith them in a normal human way.

Yes I love alone! Can be kinda boring when you don't really know anyone here, except my cousin! Oh! That sound great, then you can just make something fresh, then something fried, then something creamy if you just mix it with some creme fraiche. I have to try that next week!

4 Bella:


LIVE* not love! :P

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