Got our 2nd seminar tomorrow. I think it's gonna be way better this time since we know each other better now.

I'm soon gonna go to bed, just finished off filing all the printed school related stuff (lectures, articles). The file is sooo stuffed now. Nothing else will fit in there now. I even had to squeeze it together.

It's so much to read. Finally done with most of it though. We have one more lecture left for this Introduction course, on Monday with the professor who wrote our first book; Wallensteen. Then we have the entire week to study for the exam the Monday after that.

So, time for bed. Watching the re-run of MTV VMA until I'm really sleepy though.
1 Sandra & Fredrik:


Åå va gullig du är Bellsingen! Vi saknar och vi älskar dig också! Du får sluta flytta runt så mycket och hålla dig i 08 land!

Ja designen är vi väldigt nöjda med :D

Vi önskar oss inget speciellt, det fina är att ni bryr er så mycket om oss! Det räcker för oss! =)


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