Here comes a rare update!

Have spent my 3 day weekend sleeping (11hrs thu-fri 10hrs fri-sat), playing WoW, studying (reading), walking and singing! Yesterday I ever treated myself a pizza but since I didnt eat all day I guess that ok!! ;p (I had no fooood) SO I went shopping food at ICA yesterday. Took me 10 min to walk there due to the ice. Gah. Makes me crazy. Entire Luthagen (the part of the city where I live) is covered in 5-10 cm ice. And since we're having warmer weather during the days it's terrible when the sun goes down. Or in the morning when I'm walking to school.

Oh! Talking about that, I set a new record this week. I start at 10.15 usually (akademisk kvart!) and this day I was late. Walked out the door at 9.55. Thought I'd me mass late and it was icy so i walked is fast as I could. I sat down in the classroom at 11.08. WOW! I was rly rly fast! :D

Aaanyway, here's a new pic of me. I am changing my hair color again today tho so next time you'll see me you wont recognize me! ;D
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Så söt du är :-) Vill se en bild med nya hårfärgen också!

Skönt att sova så mycket... :-P


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Vad är felet med Cancun? Vi funderar på playa del Carmen som ligger i närheten av Cancun...

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Låter bra :-) bara regn/orkan grejen då som spökar...

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Another rare update please!!!

Vad har Markus för bekymmer då? Jag fick ett jättekuvert av dem idag som jag hittade i brevlådan vid hemkomst. "MEN VAD NU DÅ?!?!". Men visade sig att jag fick en enkät där jag skulle fylla i vad jag tycker om dem, detta eftersom jag ringde en gång under v 5. Hehehe...

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