Moved to Tidaholm, Helliden this weekend so haven't really been any updates. Internet here sucks so bad. But at least it works for now. Only gone down twice today. Another annoying thing is that Internet gets up at 17.00 every day except Friday (12.00 on Fridays). So we have nothing to do for 2½hrs every day. It sucks since you might need to do homework where you're in need of google, and there's not enough "School computers" for all who's living here so...

Me and Markus got a fantastic room. It's about 35m^2 with a beautiful tile stove and enormous windows facing out to a gigantic balcony from where we can see the sun set behind a mountain every day. Nice. I'll show you some pictures later since I can't get the pictures from Markus (takes about 1-2hrs to retrieve one picture on msn..). Our classmates seem fine, most of them, some are kinda hillbilly and some seem just plain weird. But they're nice at least. Me, Markus, Kim and Simon went down to Tidaholm center today to buy some Coke and food. Took about 15 min to walk there and about 45min to walk home...Fas fun though, Simon bought a football which we played with and we talked alot about everything you can talk about.
Later on we went to the forest with some ppl at our floor to pick blueberries and lingon berries. We walked around for some hours I think, was fun and it's still kinda warm, was around 18c today, even though it rained all morning. We'll hompefully make a blueberry pie on Friday. YumM!!

Tomorrow will be a long day with Media Design aaaall day. First real day and it will hopefully be a lot of fun.

Gonna make some Noodles now. cya laterrr!


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