Weekend, sweet weekend

Finally Saturday. Feels good to look forward to weekends again for some reason. Spent the day with cleaning and talking on the phone. Fist my mum called, then Markus mum called then my uncle called. I cleaned the small bathroom, the kitchenfloor and our room (except Markus side of course since he can do that himself. Markus have spent the day with WoW, WoW and WoW. Fun... oh well at least he fixed my Internet again so now it's working again after 2 days of being bored (spent all last night watching Twilight deleted scenes and singing Phantom of the Opera songs (Im the best at singing opera)). We bought a chair yesterday as well, it looks modern but the fabric looks old, and it suites the room. I'll add a picture later when Markus leaves his computer (will that ever happen?).
I'll go down to Tidaholm later as well to buy some icecream or so. It's boring being here all day when there's so much out there.

For you with spotify:

Great playlist with Classical music. It's relaxing and beautiful. With composers like Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Debussy etc.

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