Anger Management

Snow!!!!!! All day!!!! Like 3 inches already, it's crazy! But sooo great as well! We're gonna have a white christmas prolly! Yaay!
Anyway. Didn't do anything today really, we had student teacher conferences so a lot of waiting mostly. everything seemed good though, the only part was that the things I've missed now when I've been sick, but I'll have to do them during the winter break now instead. And I'm fine with that, it's not like I'll have lots to do in Stockholm every day.
So the things I have to do are:
  • Read a "classic" (probably The Long Ships or Röde Orm in Swedish)
  • Present it and the "time" around it (due w.8)
  • Finish off some questions about Chemistry
  • Read another book
  • Start writing about Vikings

Not that much, and all about thing I find interesting. I'll start packing some today as well I think, since there's a Joule Ball here at our castle tomorrow. But it basically only includes a formal dinner and a cabaret. Think some students will sing some gospel as well. We'll see.

And now to the title. I was SO mad this weekend. Or well it started earlier than that, last Thursday in fact. I usually never get mad or angry (sure I can get pissed but not in that way), but this time it felt like I could kill someone by only looking at them or shoot fire from my eyes or something. You're not gonna understand the reason behind it since it's about Word of Warcraft so I'll leave that behind. But since then I've been feeling angry and I want an apology from those who made me that way. Stupid men!

xoxo Bella