Damn HOT!

It started last week with 20-25c, pleasant. This weak it kept rising to the insane 33c in the shadow today! It's 29c atm, so a bit better now, tho it's 18.30 now...Normally it would be down to 20c in sweden at this hour but guess not. This weather will stay all week, nice. Tho this weekend they suspect the weather will be a bit cooler, 20-24 again.

I feel sorry for my parents who've been in Greece all week where it's been colder than here. It even rained the day they arrived, lol. Lucky..

Me and Markus survive on Ice Tea, Ice Cream and Melon atm. I don't complain!

This weekend Sara and Johan was here too, we had a bbq, played Upwords and watched American Pie the Wedding, altho Sara slept right through it.

Me, Markus, My sister and Her Boyfriend went on a mini-roadtrip to Råön, Gottskär and Näsbokrok

My love at the porch our summer house