Got some complaints of me not updating my blog. Guess I'm just too lazy to log on to, their website is kinda annoying, takes long to load on our crap Internet...

Just got back from School, first day after the holidays so it was kinda calm.

Spent last week in Stockholm with my parents and met Sara as well. Arrived Sunday afternoon.

My week looked like this:

Monday-Spent most day in Stockholm City with my sister and mum. Went to H&M, Gina Tricot, NK and Åhlens City. We also ate dinner at Harry B James, love their food, always fast, tastes good and nice staff.

Tuesday-Went into town with my dad, we went to Bukowskis modern auction, but only for 10min or so since they were doing the paintings and that would take 2hour more or so and we couldn't be bothered to wait, so we went to the Hallwyiska (spelling..) museum next to Norrmalmstorg. It's a big house full of things, th woman who lived there saved everything, and she was a big collector of rare stuff so it's kinda fantastic. Can rly recommend it.

Wednesday-Spent half the day in front of the TV and eating breakfast, just relaxing (woke up 13.30 though). Then by 15.30 or so I went to V-by to meed Sara, and we went to Wayne's Coffee and sat there drinking Chai Latte and Orange Juice for several hours just talking all the time, like we usually do. (we do talk A LOT!). Then by 19.00 or so we went shopping for an hour.

Thursday-Woke up late again, gotta sleep while you can! Watched OC s4 most day, then went into town by 17 to meet up my parents at UD to go for dinner. Went to Sheraton and had Pumpkin Soup (YUMM) for starters and Angler with plum sauce as main. Was delicious. Then we went to the Opera to see Queen of Spades. 3hrs 20min long with one break. Yay. Was fun though. And beautiful. The long solos was the only parts that was kinda boring.

Friday-Mum tried to make me get the Swine flu vaccine but I refused, so we went walking instead. Then I spent the day in front of the TV and relaxed.

Saurday-Woke up at 8.00, ate breakfast, packed my things then we went to Skövde. Slept some in the car and listened to music. Arrived at my grandmother's place and picked her up, went to the graveyard and visited my uncle and grandfather. Then went back to my grandmother's place and walked to a nearby restaurant called Mango and ate lunch there (Chicken Caesar Salad). Then me and my dad went to Ö&B and bought some more cans of food, like Ravioli and Soup :P Then back to Tidaholm where Markus was waiting. <3

That was my week.

Yesterday we relaxed and spent some time with Maria and Cissi, even ordered pizza and Coke. We're so lazy!

1 Sara:


Latmask :-P

Sanslöst hur länge vi fikade ^^ Och knappt tyst en sekund haha. Underbart.

Såvida du inte är i en riskgrupp får du inte vaccinera dig förrän nästa vecka. Kollade upp det igår. Fram till denna vecka har det ju varit riskgrupper och from idag är det barn upp till 18 år (och eventuellt deras föräldrar om de frågar). Vi andra får vänta lite till.

Så därför blir de tingen spruta för mig. Kan ju vaccinera mig tidigast på måndag och opereras på onsdag, känns lite väl tätt inpå...


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