Mid-day relax

Just got up from downstairs where we were drinking some tea and got a chocolate ball each. i love our coffee breaks, it's nice to get some time to relax and talk and laugh. Anyway, I'm upstairs in our room now, I'm supposed to read Wuthering Heights but felt I needed some minutes to just read some news online, read some blogs, my mail etc.
Ordered 2 dresses Monday night, Stylebystars had a sale and their clothes are just so gorgeous and cute that I had to buy them. There were more things I liked but since it was the final sale some clothes just had one size left and that wasn't the one I'm using so couldn't buy them. Anyway, bought a white long dress named Blair Dress and one short beige poofy princess-like dress named Satin Exclusive dress.

They cost 149kr and 179kr so real cheap. I've also bought some other stuff there before and it's all well made, and with the same price as stuff on H&M, but way more uncommon I find it a great deal. There's loads of other things I wanna buy from there! But I can't afford much since I recently bought a new monitor for my computer (23" HD).

Anyway, was sick last week, and Thursday was spent with family and friends at my Uncles funeral. Was really beautiful, and we all cried and talked. Tarzan, my uncle's cat, really miss him. He's always sitting on his chair or his dressing gown. :(

I'll also post some more pictures of Emilia later! She's real cute! We bought a pink hat with glitter, socks and a leopard overall that we sent down, and they said they liked it! (but I sent the reciept too so they can change it if they want to :p).

I'm turning 21! I'm OLD! :( But I guess I'm gonna celebrate it with Markus and some friends here and then during the weekend my mom, dad and sister will come here. We'll probably celebrate at my cousin Lisa's house. Yay!  Looking forward to it.

I've written too muh now but guess it's cuz I didn't update in a while.

Oh! I forgot! I got my second nosebleed EVER yesterday, in school. Was just sitting there talking when I thought my nose started rinning but then I saw blood on my hand so I rushed to the bathrom with blood allover my face and dress. Wasn't fun, almost fainted since it bled so much. :/ 
I'm all fine now though, going to read until lunch, then sort some clothes since we have the washingmachines all night. Then me, Markus and Maria prolly will go down to "Återbruket" a second-hand store to buy some photoframes for Maria and a chair or so for Markus to put his used-once-clothes on. (they have a tendency to lie on the floor).

I'm off to Wuthering Heights now.