Spring! Finally!

It was warm outside today (ok not warm but warmer than what I'm used to now after this long winter). So me and some friends went down town to buy Ice-cream and walk in the sun. Was great! Didn't even wear a jacket, just a thicker cardigan. Was still cold in the wind but it was ok.

I had a new ice-cream called Solero Pineapple, tasted great and had real pineapple in it as well. Yummy.

Tomorrow it's back to school again. We're writing essays now, we even got to chose subject, so I chose U2 ofc.
I'm writing about their music and linking it to the time it was written. Hard but I love it.

We're completely done by May 28th, I'm soo looking forward to it. Then it's one nervous wait for what Uni I got in to. GAH.