Woke up an hour ago, late I know but we're planning on watching the games tonight (Sweden - Finland and Canada - USA) so we have to stay up all night if we wanna be in time tomorrow. Might sleep for 4 hours since my first class start at 10, but Markus' class start at 8.30 so he have to stay up. We got 0,5l burn each to stay up though.

As I mentioned before we went to the store last night, took us 1½ to walk there since it was storming but we made it. The walk home was rly painful though, took me 20 min to feel my legs again!
We got some basic products at least, candy for the night, 1l milk and 1l soy drink, a new hand soap that smell fantastic and a lip balm for Markus that really works! It's called Carmex and cost about 40kr, it's Vaseline with some Tea Tree oil and Theobroma oil. His lips was copped and dry before but after an hour they were smooth like a baby butt! Kissable indeed!


I also ordered some Omega-3 and Fish oil when we got home, since we're not eating a lot of fish I need it now. It's good for your brain and looks.


Some weeks ago. Markus on the way home.