Haven't updated in a while. Could just not be bothered and I didn't really have time.
Have been loads to do and I've been in school until 17 several days, just to finish off stuff. This last week it was the magazine,  had to do most things on my own again. But I guess that that is how it is to be the editor of it. We were supposed to be two, me and Paulina, but she's studying at home from now on so it's only me. The hard part this time is that there's two magazines at the same time. One normal one and one about human rights. I'm doing the layout in both of them and one major article of 7 pages containing the human rights illustrated by pictures to make them more readable and understandable. I have to finish off today or tomorrow depending on if I feel like it or not. I haven't activated my card to the school building either so I have to remember how to do it.

This weekend have been all about relaxing since we haven't done that since we came back basically. It's always been something to do like studying or cleaning. So yesterday i watched two episodes of Gossip Girl, latest Vampire Diaries episode and the brand new season four episode of Skins! They were all great. It feels strange to watch Skins though. When I started watching it the actors were my age and I could really see myself in them. Now they're younger than me (they changed the whole cast in season 3) so it's not really the same anymore. But I still enjoy it.

"I love the feeling when we lift up
watching the world so small below.
I love the dreaming when i think of
the safety in the clouds out my window.

I wonder what keeps us so high up.
Could there be a love beneath these wings?
If we suddenly fall should i scream out
or keep very quiet and cling to my mouth as I’m crying
so frightened of dying
relax yes I’m trying
but fear's got a hold on me

Yes, this fear's got a hold on me

I love the quiet of the night time
when the sun is drown in a deathly sea.
I can feel my heart beating as i speed from
the sense of time catching up with me.

The sky set out like a pathway,
but who decides which road we take?
As people drift into a dream world,
I close my eyes as my hands shake and when i see a new day
who’s driving this anyway
I picture my own grave
cause fear's got a hold on me

Yes this fears got a hold on me

Floating neither up or down i wonder when i hit the ground.
Will the earth beneath my body shake
and cast your sleeping hearts awake?
Could it tremble stars from moonlit skies
Could it drag a tear from your cold eyes
I live on the right side i sleep on the left
that’s why everything is got to be love or death

Yes this fears got a hold on me"