Had a nice weekend, been walking a lot and sleeping a lot. Watched Melodifestivalen (Swedish part of eurovision song contest) tonight with ppl from the castle, also made a home made spinach and chicken lasagne. Been really tired today though from being insane yesterday. :p

It's also my sister's birthday today! She's turning 19!!! Happy b-day darling!!!

Had a 16min video call with her, will cost a fortune but it was fun! She showed me all the gifts and my parents! Woho!

Also been shopping some this week! Preparing for the summer with a few new clothes. 

got about 200 kr discount at so I'm rly happy!

I also bought a cardigan for 100kr downtown in a small store called Calypzo. They still had a sale.


Gonna watch Skins now.



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sv: shit vad schysst, det är ju chinese style man vill uppleva, se hur det verkligen är. Vår strävan är att uppleva och se så mycket vi kan. Dock lär det nog bli mycket turistande men det blir nog bra ändå :)

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