Weekend Birthday Etc.

Had a great weekend, really wish it'd never end.

Thursday my parents, sister and cousin came as I wrote earlier. We ordered pizzas, ate, watched Swedish Idol and talked a lot. They left at 10PM or so. Then at 11PM Markus came <3. I went to meet him and it was soo cold. I had some fever last week, but that night it went up. When I woke up I was all sweaty and tired, but I felt so much better.

Friday me and Markus spent shopping. But first a stop at school where we had a Q/A with some teachers. We went there at 1PM, we got home at 7PM... we did however make a stop on our way home to buy Sushi it a close sushi bar. Yum. But it was a loong day of shopping and it ended with me getting a new phone since my old was starting to give up (wouldn't take calls, wouldnt allow me to call or take pics etc). So now I got an Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, android, and I love it. Got free Internet on it as well so I'm online all the time, I get why people love their iphones and androids now.


Me and Markus spent the evening eating Sushi, watching movies and tv. It was perfect. I love my Markus. Forever.

Saturday my girlfriends came visiting from Stockholm. 2 were missing though, Sandra due to being pregnant (8 months!) and Mikis got sick with fever :( Missed you both but the night was still great. It ended up being me, Markus, Maggie, Sara and Johan. I cooked a 3 course meal consisting of Bruchetta for starters, beef-rolls with fresh mushroom stew (Bearnaise for those who didn't like mushrooms) and baked baby potatoes as main and home made Pannacotta with raspberry sauce as dessert. I loved it all, and so did the rest of them it seemed! Was some leftovers but I had bought food for 6 so it was good.

Sunday Markus' sister and mum came to visit. We met them in town, walking home, stopping by the store buying some fresh pastries. We went to my apartment, they had some coffee, I had tea, we ate our cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts etc. and talked. Was great to see them again. We then walked to a Thai restaurant quite close to my place. I had no idea it was a sister restaurant to a famous thai restaurant in Stockholm. The intire interior looks like you're on a beach in Thailand. They even have a thunderstorm every hour. So cool. And the food was great. We ordered 4 courses to share, one with seafood, one with beef, one vegetarian and one with chicken and coconut milk. Hot but tasty. We then walked around the cold city for almost an hour since their train didnt leave until later. Brr. I was freezing when I got home. So me and Markus tuck down in bed watching tv and movies all night. Cozy.

He left yesterday though. :( I dunno when we'll see each other next time. It sucks living apart after living together for a year...

It's really autumn now anyway. All trees are yellow and the wind is icy. Get so cold when I go outside. But I'm still looking forward to winter somehow, but I know I'll be regretting this in February since thats usually when the fun ends and you know you have at least 3 more moths of cold and slush. 

1 Sandra & Fredrik:


Jaa det är mysigt med regn tycker jag också!

hoppas du mår bra <3

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