Went to Stockholm for the weekend. Was nice to see my parents and sister again. :) We sorted the last things in my old room, threw out 50% of it and put the rest in the attic so I can get it when I'm older and move to a bigger place.

The Swedish election was held on Sunday as well. Me and my mom went to vote together since my siter got off work at 5PM and my train back to Uppsala left at 5.20PM... Was my first real vote. I missed it by 2 weeks last time, that still annoys me. That you HAVE to be 18 before you vote, not the same year. Like someone born 2 weeks before me knows better... oh well.

The final voting result wasn't surprising. I'm quite satisfied with it, it will however be some interesting weeks ahead of us. How far will they stretch democracy? Will they ignore and freeze out 6% of the people?
It's really worrying. I know most people worry about "racists" being in the parliament now. I don't. Instead I worry about people only focusing on that, whilst they should insted ask themselves WHY 6% voted for the SD. 6% of the swedes aren't racists. I know that. That's a fact. They aren't idiots either. Yes, some might be, but far from the majority of them.

I agree with many of the points and opinion SD have. I just think a lot of them exaggerate it a lot. Yes, there's to much us/them going on. Immigrants aren't the problem, the way the govenment handle the immigrants is the real problem. Like I've said so many times before and I want you to ask yourself this; Is it right to take in so many new people to Sweden when we clearly can't take good care of many of them. If you don't know or learn Swedish it will be hard for you to get a job. If we don't allow people with education from other countries work within their education area they will be stuck with being unemployed or low-pay jobs. We have seen that this is a problem not only in sweden, but in many other european countries and even the US (with the Hispanic immigration). People are forced to live in "ghettos" like Rosengård, Tensta, Rinkeby. And within these districts they mix all immigrants, people who move to Sweden to get the opportunity for a better life, those who run away from injustice/war from BOTH sides (so you might live next door to someone you have no trust for).
There have been several riots in these districts the last couple of years as well. It's not because of their religion, or their culture (it might however be some part behind why they choose riots to show their frustration), but because of the situation they are stuck in and politicians refuse to discuss. Since if you do you're seen a racist. We have seen in the last week, how Mona Sahlin went to one of these areas and the way she sees them; as something that enriches the Swedish society. I can agree with that to a point, but shouldn't the Swedish society enrich their lives too? I think a lot of the people living in these areas would answer no to that, but also a large amount that would say yes. They don't want to be isolated, and we give them no way out from there with the current system, we just keep putting more people in there.
Instead of then accepting 100k new immigrants each year, which, lets say costs 1 billion, instead take in 50k and spend the same amount of money on them, or, 25k and spend half the money on them and the rest on other things that struggle. Then if there's a need to increase the numbers, on either the amount of immigrants or the amount money you spend, you have the resources to do that. 
I see that as more human and fair than what they are doing now.

I would love to see peoples serious response to this since I rarely get other answers than "OMG U FUCKING RACIST I HATE YOU YOU IDIOT YOU'RE SUCH A COCK" etc. etc. Which are kiiinda hard to get any building criticism from. I'd love to be convinced that the way it is now is the best way it can be.

So as a conclusion, I'm NOT racist. Anyone who knows me knows that. I love to explore different cultures in several ways, I have friends from all over the world etc. And concerning colors on peoples skin...I can't understand how people can divide themselves that way. We all look different, we're all humans. What truly matters is what's in your head and soul.
What I am and believe in is democracy and justice. People should have the same opportunities in Sweden, and you don't have that if you don't speak Swedish (or English for that matter). There will always be different classes, but the bottom shouldn't consist of mainly immigrants, but by people who have chosen to not take the opportunities they have to climb into action.

There will probably be sooo many grammatical and spelling mistakes in this post, but I hope you get the picture I'm trying to show you.

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