I have quite a lot of make-up. So I kinda wanted to share what I use.

I haven't used it as much lately, but I still think it's fun to play around with it.

So here follows.


I found a new site called ELF Cosmetics Sweden. They have a lot of make up for low prices (like 16kr for eyeshadow etc) and it's really nice quality. So this is what I bought the first time I shopped from them:

Nailpolish, Nude | Eyeliner pencil, Black | Bronzing Powder, Luminance shimmery | Nail Oil Pencil, Avocado/Almond/Aloe Vera oils etc. | Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 (great for summer) | Mascara, Black | Brow/Eyelash transparent mascara (great for keeping your brows in place) | Eye "Transformer", colors that cover dullness, redness etc. | Eyelid primer, keeps eyeshadow in place




Eyeshadows in every colour you might want. I also use the big brown ones every day since they look really natural. I don't know the brand of the big palette. The brown natural colors come from H&M.



Rouge, Chanel, Terracotta | Foundation Powder, L'Oreal True Match 02 | Bronzer, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse | Foundation Mousse, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse | Bronzing Gel, ACO (give you a natural instant tan, I don't use it much though since I don't mind being pale)


Eyelashes etc:

Mascara, Maybelline the FALSIES Volum' Express, Black | Mascara, Dior Diorshow, Black | Mascara, Lancôme Hypnôse Drama, Black | Lash Primer, blinc (conditions, strengthen and volumize the eyelashes, important if you use mascara every day) | Liquid Eyeliner, IsaDora, Black | Perfume, L'Occitane Cherry Blossom edt (fell in love with it the first time I smelled it and have used up almost all of the big bottle I got last year)




Brushes can come in handy when you use make-up in more than the normal way. (mascara, foundation, eyeliner is the most common everyday make-up women wear)

When I used it for fun and to get better at creating certain looks I found that i needed some other brushes. I'll try to give a brief summary of how I use them. I'm not at all educated in this so I might use them "wrong" but they work for what I try to create at least. I'll present them from left to right. -->

1. Big fan brush, to brush away eyeshadow that fall on your cheek. And to smooth out eyeshadow.

2. Lip brush, for lipstick/gloss, give the right amount or mix colours

3. Foundation brush, for liquid or mousse foundation. It is nice to use your fingers to it too ofc since the warmth of them makes it easier for it to blend into the skin.

4. Big rouge/bronzer brush. Makes it easy to apply it over a large area without it being too thick.

5. Small rogue brush. Good for when you really want those pink cheeks! :D

6. Brow/Eyelash separator/fixer. Shape them the way you want them.

7-9. Eyeshadow brushes.

10. Fix-it brush. I use it for my brows more than my lashes, but I guess you can use them for both.

11-12. Eyeshadow brushes.

13. Small lip brush.

14-16. Eyeshadow brushes.

17. Small foundation/concealer brush. Good for the areas around the eyes/nose.

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My god, you got a lot of make up! :-P

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ja, det är en klart fördummning av populationen i landet. ingen tänker själv utan det lyssnas på rykten och korkad media.

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