Yet another day

It's September! Already! So summer is officially over now! (at least in Sweden) That sucks! I like the weather at 15-20c (59-68f). But now it went from 25-30 (77-86f) to 10-15c (50-58f)... so we kinda lost the late summer weather. But it's been kinda extreme now this last year. Like... we had 1m snow continuously from December to April and almost all of January the temperature was close to -20c (-4f)... Then this summer we had a month of no rain and 30c+ (86f+). Weird.

So today was quite an ordinary day. Woke up a bit later than yesterday (10am) and studied for 1½hrs. There's lots to read. LOTS. But I'm almost done, got about 20 pages left in the book. Had yet another lecture from 3-5pm. It's nice in some ways but also a bit annoying since you kinda feel like you loose your entire afternoon.

Btw. I'm such a mess. Two days ago I cut my finger after trying to clean a book with a knife (I dropped the book on the ground after it rained so the edges was kinda ruined). So the kitchen was full of blood everywhere! Then today I hit my toe whilst cleaning. So now it's all swollen and purple. Great!!!!! Silly me. :(

Going to bed soon. There's no classes tomorrow so my sister is coming to Uppsala so spend the day with me. Yay.

Sister <3



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Sluta göra illa dig själv!

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Jag vet hur det är, skadar mig själv jämt också... :-P

Ja, du får planera in en födelsedagsmiddag tycker jag så har vi en extra anledning till besök mitt i terminen!

Jo, men att prata med bordsgrannen är ju en bra början. Så hälsar man på varandra senare och om någon vecka kommer folk tröttna på att sitta ensamma på kammaren så :-P Ni har inga speciella händelser för nya studenter? Vi hade alla möjliga grejer. Tävlingar, frågesport, komikerkväll och fester med olika teman.

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