Perfume and other stuff

I'm terrible at updating this. I guess my life is way to boring or something. It's finally spring though! Time to be outside more and be happy. Right now I'm enjoying my 3 day weekend, Sat-Mon, with fruit smoothies and nice walks in the sun. I did almost blow away yesterday tho, was kinda terrible.

So I thought I would go through my perfumes today, I didn't think I had that many but it appears i do... I rarely use more than 2-3 of them which is kind of bad. Spending money on stuff you don't use... But I blame my mom and dad. He travels a lot so he buy her perfumes so she give me and my sister the ones she don't want. OR she buys the ones I wanted in the first place and gives it to me when she's tired of it. Thanks mom! ;P

So anyway, I have one perfume I fell in love with the first time I tried it and I waited several months before i actually got it. I even got it for my birthday I think... Anyway, we usually buy most of our skin-care products from a small store called L'Occitane. They have loads of products for whatever skin u have. And they have perfumes.

This is my fragrance, Fleurs de Cerisier by l'Occitane, and if they stopped making it I would be heartbroken. I would probably buy all the bottles they have left of it. I even have everything in the series... Perfume, body lotion, hand cream, glitter lotion, soap, bath bombs... Anything u might think of.


The perfumes i use whenever i don't feel like being perfectly lovely smelling (lol) I use CLEAN Warm Cotton and Gucci II.


CLEAN smell just like newly washed laundry, fresh and clean simply enough. Perfect for every day use.
Gucci II is more summery. You get the feeling of late summer nights with white wine, loafers and striped shirts.

The other perfumes I have but rarely use are:

1. Ralph Lauren Blue, 2. DKNY Delicious Red, 3. FCUK her
4. Elizabeth Arden Provocative, 5. L'Occitane Peony, 6. Lacoste Pour Femme

And even though I have so many perfumes there are still a few I really want. :(

1. Dior j'adore, 2. Agent Provocateur, 3. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Too bad perfumes are so expensive! :)