Today I'm gonna take care of Oscar 6 months! His mom (my cousin) and dad are going with Roxettes private plane to one of their concerts, which is pretty awesome, but Oscar can't come along on that so he'll have to stay with us. So now my cousin sent over an "Oscar-manual" to make it a bit easier for us. Casue I know how hard it can be to figure out all the special tricks that usually works when there's a totally new person. So now we know when and how he wants to eat, sleep and play. He's such a little cutie! It's gonna be mass fun! :D
Let's just hope the weather will be alright later on so we can take some walks outside, he likes that apparently! :D

Oscar and Daniel this x-mas, playing with my mac!

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Åh vad mysigt att vara barnvakt! Bra med en sådan där manual också! :-D


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